Daddy’s Farm Little Helper – Farms, Animals & Harvesting himanshu shah

Daddy’s Farm Little Helper – Farms, Animals & Harvesting himanshu shah

Little kids love helping their dad & helping them out in various farming activities which would help the kids learn lot many things and also have fun with dad.. Go to a farm where you can watch many farm animals!!

Help Daddy in farming, harvesting & cleaning the messy farm animals! Be the best little farm helper around with tons of fun-filled & engaging farm activities! Wash the cow, eat country dinner, reap the fruits, harvest the grains, cut the woods and more! It’s time to help your Daddy in the Farm! Have fun with us and while you’ll be very happy to help some farm animals.


– Go to the farm with your dad
– Plant a few trees but be very careful to how much water they need
– Take care of the farm animals
– Give them food & clean them up
– Collect mangoes & apples from the farm
– Cut the woods
– Go shopping in the market to sell the woods
– Eat dinner with your dad
– Decorate your farm with farm animals, farm houses, windmills, plants, grass, birds & more !
– When you are done, show off your beautiful sparkling farm to your family & friends!

Help you dad to fulfill all the tasks on the farm. Hey kids, come look after your own farm! There are so many things to do. Helping your dad was never been so awesome! Start your farm learning adventure NOW!

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