Lady & Girl Cooking: Muffins Smarties paris miller

Lady & Girl Cooking: Muffins Smarties paris miller

Baking pastries is a great way to prepare delicious snacks for yourself and your friends to share, as well as work on developing your skills in the kitchen. Today, you’ve decided to push the boundaries and try something a bit unique. Whip out your favorite recipe for delicious muffins, and then prepare to add a twist! You’re going to top your tasty muffins with smarties, adding a sweet crunch to every bite. This new recipe is sure to be a hit, but first you need to prepare these delicious muffins. Grab your apron and follow the recipe to prepare this fantastic dessert in this fun cooking game for kids! Bake delicious vanilla muffins, then load on the chocolate frosting to balance this sweet dessert. Once the muffins have been baked and frosted, finish this fun dish by topping them with tangy smarties candies and enjoy!

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