Valentine Beauty Salon Games Madhuri Bhalodiya

Valentine Beauty Salon Games Madhuri Bhalodiya

This is the season of love and everyone tries to express their love for their valentine. Sally wants to do so too by getting a fabulous makeover, can you help her?

First of all you must change their styles and create a more matching couple because right now they don’t suit each other! Prepare them for a nice shot.

Sally has been looking forward to Valentine’s day for months! That’s because she’s been preparing a lovely gift for her boyfriend. But along with the gift, she’s going to prepare a nice dinner, too! She needs to get ready for Valentine’s day first. Can you do her skincare, make up and choose a chic Valentine’s day outfit for her so she looks great? Her wardrobe may give you ideas for you to get ready for Valentine’s day, too!

– Treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience with soothing facial masks, cool cucumbers for your eyes, and even a steaming treatment!
– Experiment with dozens of different makeup, lipsticks, eyes, eye-shadow, hair color and much more.
– how to apply eye maskara makeup , blush , beautiful lipglosh , eyeshadow , bronzer
– makeup artist school for girls, teach you makeup styles and makeup lines
– waterproof eye maskara makeup ideas.
– best powder foundation cosmetics makeup.
– best makeup remover and natural makeup tutorials.
– Long lasting lipstick & become makeup artist.
– Contact lenses with wide range of colours.
– Show off waterproof mascara and cosmetics mascara.
– Lots of Dresses for the best day.
– Foundation Make-up and Dress up her in the gown of your dreams.
– Best hairstyles and hair colour with no barber shop.
– Play with hair like hair transplant and hair restoration.

提供元 : Madhuri Bhalodiya

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