HaHa Snake Xi You Di Wang

HaHa Snake Xi You Di Wang

HaHa Snake is a funny game.Unique music will surprise you!
One tap to control HaHa Snake moving, sharking and collecting coins.It is easy to learn.
Like classic snake games, HaHa Snake will grow longer, but the difference is HaHa Snake’s map will grow bigger too.You can feed a longer and longer and longer HaHa Snake.Just don’t die…

Key features:
– made for fun, you will happy to play it.
– unique music will surprise you!
– easy to learn, hard to master.
– infinite snake with infinite map.
– one tap to control all.
– 68 characters included.
– iCloud sync supported.
– Game Center supported.
– Sticker supported.

提供元 : Xi You Di Wang

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