Valentine Day Lunch Box Swati Panchal

Valentine Day Lunch Box Swati Panchal

On the valentine day, preparing yummy food is the most romantic thing a guy can do for his love. So every guy out there needs to learn some amazing food recipes. Play this awesome game and enjoy preparing some delicious food. Here you will learn to make many different food items after playing this and the first item is Cup Cakes where you will be mixing flour, sugar, water, eggs, toppings and much more. The same way you will be making other items like cakes, chocolates and donuts. Then you will get to learn how making milkshake where you will be adding fruits, flavor, milk and much more. In the Snow Cone first you need to crush ice after that put it in a cone, don’t forget to add flavor, toppings and many more things.


– Enjoy the learning of different food items
– Choose your favourite toppings and add them
– Very easy to play
– Prepare food item with awesome graphics

提供元 : Swati Panchal

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