Obi Island Pets:Puppy’s care! meimei lin

Obi Island Pets:Puppy’s care! meimei lin

“Obi island” is a very delicate style pet adventure game design, Princess Miki with her pets embarked on a risky journey
Baby come and see your favorite princess adult how to lead his pet to spend a happy day in the suburbs
Game function
The major wardrobe
You can give the Miki princess in every kind of beautiful clothes here, to show you the extraordinary taste, from clothing to nurse cute bubble skirt, there are a lot of beautiful shoes and socks and headdress Oh, a variety of fashion collocation, really have a unique style of creative!
Katie fish
Greedy Katie carrying the Miki princess came to the brook, delicious fish was completely absorbed, quickly to help remove him from the delicious fish in the water, do not get water Oh, Katie can not love grass!
Mao Mao.
Edacious smell the cheese taste of Mao Mao, abruptly broke into, but accidentally lost in the maze, please help him to find his way home!
Pet map
Quickly collect more gold coins to upgrade it, so you can unlock the beautiful figure pet map Oh, but also to wait for what to come!
Boone’s carrot
Love Bunni carrot in the forest, there are all kinds of strange gold props, to help her collect washed carrot cut up and feed her!
Pet card
Classic card game, the game is to eliminate the fun, fun and exercise memory and concentration. On the basis of the classic play, the card is innovative. Have lovely animal pattern, let the children in the game to improve memory ability.

提供元 : meimei lin

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