Obi Island pet rescue:Get rid of spy cats xie mingming

Obi Island pet rescue:Get rid of spy cats xie mingming

“Obi Island pet rescue” is a very sophisticated style of pet adventure design game, the protagonist and her friends want to paddling rafts, diving equipment to bring to rescue in the flood washed the small partners, please Play with your ingenuity,
Find all the little bunny elves who fall into the water, frustrate the evil spy cats plot, let us dress up the beauty of the United States, meet in triumph Square, you can also give your little pets to replace all kinds of fashion wings, hats, necklaces, brooches , Quick action now!

Game features

Save the rabbit
Rabbit were suddenly hit by the flood washed away! Quickly drive your boat, from the rapid flow of water to save the fear of the partners, we must pay attention to the shore spy cats, there are nasty big octopus ah! We are waiting for you in the Baby Square triumph back!

Looking for spies
Find hiding in every corner of the spy cat, so that his plot can not succeed!

When your small client is waiting for the program, turn on the TV and watch the video. Enjoy and get some extra coins!

Photo album
Every time you dress up your favorite pets, you will get a new photo to your baby album!

Wheel of Fortune
Visit the Wheel of Fortune every day and win extra gold coins to unlock new pet wings and costumes items!

Show your fashion taste
You behave vulgarity, so let your pet extraordinary vulgar! From the elegant ballet skirt to the punk ninja, the latest trend clothing, the most lovely pet dress, let it try it! Matched with a suitable wings, shape on the perfect it! N a variety of different fashion, really unique ideas!”

提供元 : xie mingming

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