Valentine Day Party Fun Swati Panchal

Valentine Day Party Fun Swati Panchal

It’s valentine day and there is a party arranged tonight. Will you help us to make the arrangement for a party? If yes then please go through all the instruction. Firstly, you need to make an invitation card and decorate it in the best manner, post those invitation cards to the friends and relatives and also call everyone whose numbers are in your phone book. After the completion of the invitation process, please help our girl to get ready by performing spa, hair styling, face washing and much more. And then select a decent dress up for her and decorate room for the party which is going to take place tonight. At the end don’t forget to make delicious chocolate, milkshakes and more.


– Decorate invitation cards and post
– Call your friends and relatives
– Give her gorgeous look by performing face spa
– Choose your favourite dress from many
– Decorate the room for the party
– Prepare chocolate, milkshake, donuts

Play and enjoy this Valentine day party fun and share it with your best friends.

提供元 : Swati Panchal

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