I can read my first words Appicadabra

I can read my first words Appicadabra

With “I can read my first word – The Game” children learn their first words with a fun, multi-stage game designed to help them progress. The game involves matching pictures with words in a wide variety of activities: word jigsaws, words to slide into a word piggybank, pieces to arrange correctly, games against-the-clock, and more. Each round can have a theme (animals, transport, nature, school, fruit & veg, etc.) or a random combination of themes (using the Mix). At every successfully completed stage, the player wins one of the pieces they need to complete a larger image. “I can read my first word” is the ideal way to help children enlarge their vocabulary by playing everyday. —-

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About the Game :
• Multi-stage game for learning first words
• Suite able for ages 3 to 6 yrs
• How to play: match words and pictures in a wide variety of game activities with gradually increasing difficulty levels
• Themes: animals, nature, transport, school, holidays, fruit & veg…
• 12 difficulty levels
• Aim of game: win pieces of a bigger image to complete

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