Macaron Crack – Delicious Tapping Konstantin Malakhov

Macaron Crack – Delicious Tapping Konstantin Malakhov

No doubt that everyone likes MACARONS. These TASTY TREATS can DRIVE CRAZY each SWEET TOOTH! But you know that it is also very FUNNY to BLOW them UP. You don’t believe? Try this tasty Macaron Crack – Delicious Tapping. App!

Red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple – what a great deal of macarons is here!

Here are the main principles of the game:

1) TAP on falling MACARONS
2) AVOID smoldering COALS
3) TAP on FUZZY WATER bottles to make a big blast.

You see, that this game REQUIRES not only LOVE to MACARONS, but ACCURACY and ATTENTION as well.

– BLAST colorful MACARONS;
– use SODA for BIG BANGS;
– DON’T tap on COALS;
– CRACK amazing RECORDS.

Enjoy BLOWING UP your favorite TREATS with Macaron Crack – Delicious Tapping App!

提供元 : Konstantin Malakhov

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