Zap Them! Free Darko Baricevic

Zap Them! Free Darko Baricevic

Do you hate mosquitos? Everybody does.

This game gives you a chance for payback! Thanks to augmented reality, your iPhone or iPad will turn into a mosquito hunter and allow you to hunt down and kill those annoying pests.

Your primary weapon is a hi-tech Tesla coil which shoots lightnings towards them, and you can even throw a nuclear bomb which destroys them all!

Use the shop to increase your gameplay time, upgrade nukes by reducing their cool down time and buy more nukes!

The camera records your surroundings and places the mosquitos at random places around you, so prepare to start hunting them all around your room, yard or even city!

Thanks to game center integration, you can unlock over 25 achievements and have your highscore recorded on the global leaderboard.

And in case you want to stay anonymous, there is an offline leaderboard too.

You can even post your score on facebook and show your friends how good you are, or send them an invite!

The game is optimized for iPhone 4/iPhone4S/iPhone 5 and iPad 2/iPad 3 and does not work on devices without gyroscope.

Happy hunting and have fun!

提供元 : Darko Baricevic

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