Paciifc Air War Murat Kesgin

Paciifc Air War Murat Kesgin

Pacific Air War in the game you will control the aircraft and tried to destroy the oncoming enemy planes will. Escape from enemy fire by moving left and right and left and right by moving the same way again, you must destroy them. Each destroyed the aircraft while gaining you points located at the top portion of each shot damage way you will be filled with red. The game ends when all part of damage red.

Game Features:
* High Quality Graphics
* Score System
* Achievements
* Easy Gameplay

Achievements System :

* Get 1000 Points 2 Time to Corporal
* Get 2500 Points 2 Time to Sergeant
* Get 5000 Points 2 Time to Expert
* Get 7500 Points 2 Time to Destroyer
* Get 10000 Points 2 Time to Hero

提供元 : Murat Kesgin

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