Saboteur Card Game Yong Yong Khoo

Saboteur Card Game Yong Yong Khoo

Enjoy the fan-made Mini Saboteur Card Game in your mobile device!

In this game, the objective depends on your assigned role. As a Digger, you have to connect the paths to the Gold Destination. On the other hand, if you are a Saboteur, you need to stop the diggers from achieving their goals!

The winner is determined by the amount of Golds obtained after a few rounds. You earn 2 golds as a Saboteur if you manage to stop the Diggers from reaching the destination. Two golds are rewarded to a last-path-connecting Digger, one gold otherwise.

Experience this Saboteur Card Game to learn more!

提供元 : Yong Yong Khoo

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