Plane Fighter Fly Simulator i6Games

Plane Fighter Fly Simulator i6Games

Fight and flight plane simulation,
Plane Fighter Fly Simulator brings you straight into the action of
air to air combat. Be a skilled fighter pilot, fly both world war
bi-planes and modern jet fighters to get the most surreal flying
Challenge your friends to see who is the better pilot, shoot as
many enemy targets as you can to get the biggest high score, be
number one fighter pilot in the world in Plane Fighter Fly
With our latest dynamic flying simulator, you can live the
thrills of a fighter pilot with realistic fighter planes. Battle
the oncoming enemies with a huge collection of rockets and bullets.
Evade missiles and anti-air rounds by performing air acrobatics in
order to last the whole length of the battle. With each point to
earn, you will earn in-game tokens to unlock faster, stronger, more
agile better aircraft.

– Never ending airplane combat, battle endless waves of enemy
– Both World War and Modern Combat plane fighter modes
– Realistic airplane, modeled on real life aircraft
– Massive open environments to fly in!
– Tons of weapons to fight with!
– Easy to use touch and tilt controls
– Intelligent enemy plane A.I.
– Unlock multiple new and better plane and jets with in-game
credits, no real money needed!
– Challenge for number one spot with our high score

サイズ : 34M
Android 要件 : 2.3 以上
提供元 : i6 Games
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