F18 Dogfight Sim 3D Mai Thi Huong

F18 Dogfight Sim 3D Mai Thi Huong

F18 Dogfight Sim 3D is a supersonic explosion game and ever best commando fight to fly faster in the air and attach on the forced enemy with high ammoniated projectile gunships. Give a new turn to fighter warplane and jump in the highly blasting air fight which is a jet fighting simulator and real military operation with fighter aircrafts and modern jets. Stay alert to fly commando shooting dogfight aircraft you are on emergency call to sweep annoying rebels.
• Airy crime world and Arial fighter simulator
• Callous Jet fighting and 3D gunship battle
• Fantastic air combat environment and best fighting weapons
• Interesting military simulator with gripping fighting missions
• Sharp shooting and jet flying sound
• Incentives in form of getting score

提供元 : Mai Thi Huong

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