Tabla – Indian Percussion Rodrigo Kolb

Tabla – Indian Percussion Rodrigo Kolb

Real Tabla! – Percussion to iOS

The most fun experience in drumming to iOS!
Drum pad with indian, arabian and latin percussion sounds.
Play Tabla (also known as arabic drum, darbukkah, darbouka or dumbak).
To play live music.


* A real indian tabla drum set
* 13 realistic drum sounds
* Studio audio quality
* A perfect real percussion set
* Instruments like tabla, gong, chimes, gungru, vibraslap, crash and tanpura.
* Record mode
* Play in loop
* Rename recordings
* Free

Also, you can remove all ads buying a key!

The best percussion on the App Store!
For drummers, percussionists, musician, performers and artists!

提供元 : Rodrigo Kolb

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