Pack A Box Anders Valaker Tisthamar

Pack A Box Anders Valaker Tisthamar

Build up your factory and compare with other players and your friends in Pack A Box.

To own the best factory and climb the high score list you need to get some workers and products with high value.

You can gamble on horses, and if you pick the winning horse, your money balance will increase a lot!

Who have the best product? Who have the most workers and who have the most medals? Who are the lucky winner on the horse race? And last but not least, who have the most money? Maybe you?

The game is simple yet very addictive, play with your friends to get the most out of the game, and build the largest factory!

Protip: Start before your friends to get a head start!


Music by: Morten Flisnes

提供元 : Anders Valaker Tisthamar

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