Hair salon – Kids game LPRA Studio

Hair salon – Kids game LPRA Studio

The Hair salon game is a fantastic game for any hairstylist at heart to have plenty of fun decorating and cutting hair. This fun game is great for you and your friends to enjoy and allows you to easily create the perfect hairstyle for your client. You can experience all the fun of being a hairstylist by washing and drying hair, cutting hair, coloring hair, and accessorize with colorful and decorative hair clips. With so many ideas and styles to create, you will definitely be able to bring out your inner hairstylist with this great hair styling game that you, your friends, and your family can enjoy and love.

You can see a few hair salon features in this game:

• Greet customers and clean their hair ready by washing, rinsing, drying, and cutting their hair!
• Choose to straighten or curl her hair in large or small curls to create a fun style!
• Color her hair by choosing one of the 8 hair colors: brown, blue, dark blue, purple, pink, red, mud brown and green!
• Accessorize her beautifully colored hair with one of the 8 choices available including bands, clips, hats, flowers and more!
• Show off your hair salon styling skills to all your friends with her beautiful finished look!
• Enjoy styling your customers hair over and over again with many new different styles to create!

提供元 : LPRA Studio

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