Nail Salon – Fashion Game David Fite

Nail Salon – Fashion Game David Fite

Create your very own manicure designs with hundreds of nail combinations in nail Salon!

Complete your look with dazzling rings and bonus gifts! Create the most fabulous nail art designs as you paint nails for the biggest stars, soon-to-be brides and teenage fashionistas. Prove yourself as a nail art design artist and make the most beautiful finger nail designs ever.

Choose from an extensive range of nail polishes to paint nails with and nearly a hundred of nail art designs and decorative add-ons. Get paid for every nail art design you make, and unlock even better cosmetics and add-ons to paint and decorate nails with the money you earn. Stick to a fashion style or a theme when creating your nail art designs and get paid more by customers!

Pick from:
* Nail Polishes
* Skin Tones
* Nail Patterns
* Gems and Stickers
* Nail Shapes

提供元 : David Fite

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