Wrecked Flight Systems

Wrecked Flight Systems

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Wrecked racing is a car driving game all about vehicle
destruction. Cause a maximum amount of devastation and destruction
as you race and speed into oncoming traffic. No other car racing
game has this level of detail when you crash. Metal bends, car
parts fly, engines explode, and cars tumble. Wrecked is one
highlight reel after another as you race and cause massively brutal
car accidents. Wreak havoc in 15 cars, across 18 races, and in
three different driving modes. Enter the Wrecked Circuit, test your
skill in Crash Mode, or compete in daily tournaments against the
other racers and win prizes for free.
Never before has a racing game provided this level of
destruction, paid or free. Do you have what it takes to win the
Wrecked racing championship?
• Physics based destruction system. Parts fly, metal deforms,
and parts crumple
• 15 Cars to drive and race, ranging from multi million dollar
Sports Cars to Fire Trucks
• 18 Tracks to inflict maximum damage and cause massive
• The craziest physics best destruction seen in any mobile driving
• 3 Gameplay Modes including Wrecked Circuit racing, Single Race
Mode, and the Crash Course race mode.
• Daily tournaments let you compete against other Wrecked racers to
win prizes
• View the destruction from any angle with the Wrecked free hand
replay system
• Intuitive touch screen controls make for responsive driving
*Due to the high quality graphics a higher end device with a
minimum of 1GB of Ram is required*

サイズ : 238M
Android 要件 : 4.2 以上
提供元 : Flight Systems
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