FreeCraft: MultiCraft tectonicsiqyn

FreeCraft: MultiCraft tectonicsiqyn

New survival game play:
You enter a survival world where there’s no way out. you must
find food to eat and keep away from the monsters! Things will go
worse when the night came — zombies and other night monsters rule
the world. you need to learn how to find things, craft new items
and use them, kill your enemy and survive.
Freecraft survival is inspired by Minecraft and Exploration, you
can free to craft and build anything you can image, or you can play
the survival world. there’s 10 amazing free worlds for you to play.
please check help in the game pause menu, learn how to craft and
many more!
please rate us if you like this game.

サイズ : 11M
Android 要件 : 2.3 以上
提供元 : tectonicsiqyn
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