Ambulance Simulator 3D TopMobGames

Ambulance Simulator 3D TopMobGames

Ambulance Simulator 3D is the best
simulator of ambulance of emergency in 3D. Try yourself as a real
rescue worker and feel on the practice, what is the hospital
delivery after accidents and how will an ambulance save lives.
You are an ambulance car driver, and only your agility,
alertness and courage determine – Will the doctors and paramedics
rescue the patient? Take calls from the field of emergency and
accidents, rescue people who become ill or injured or even have a
deal with gang shootings. Do not forget that you are playing
against not only the time: dense traffic, the city filled by the
cars and ran out of gas throw a real challenge to your
– 8 ambulance cars: from the most legendary Russian ambulances to
modern German cars
– Different camera position for your comfort: choose from the
outside of the cat to a direct view from the salon, where doctors
and paramedics are trying to save patient
– completely realistic medical equipment: from the couch to the
emergency wheelchair
– The Real City with Unique Traffic control system with AI: traffic
jams, accidents and the ability to use a siren and flashing
– Gas control in a real-time: don’t forget to visit a gas
– Unlimited set of accidents for emergency calls: car accidents,
injuring, heart attacks, helping people on the streets, fire, and
even wounds after gang warfare
– Progress control system: check the counter of successful calls
and unlock new ambulance cars
Always wanted to know how does Ambulance on call work? Wanted to
see how to save lives, making your way through the dense traffic
with a siren? Then the Ambulance Simulator 3D – your choice!

サイズ : 61M
Android 要件 : 2.3 以上
提供元 : TopMobGames
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