Offroad Hill Climb Simulator i6Games

Offroad Hill Climb Simulator i6Games

Offroad Hill Climb Simulator is a
vast open world 4×4 jeep driving simulator. Conquer the wilderness
and drive off road 4×4 vehicles on a secluded forest island, where
only the coolest of drivers roam free. Pull off all the best
stunts, smash and crash into environment objects and try going off
to explore the huge off-road island paradise.
Hidden villages scattered around the forest island, drive up to
them and show off your amazing offroad driving skills and drifting
ability, or you could smash into every object like crates, road
signs and more.
Witness all the bumps and scraps with our realistic car damage;
try flipping over your vehicle, driving through deep water, and
crashing into everything!
In Offroad Hill Climb Simulator, choose from a selection of
rough and tough 4×4 offroad trucks and cars, jeeps and Humvee’s,
use all of them to drive offroad and be the best driver out
You have all the freedom in the world to drive anywhere offroad.
Rule the offroad island environment with 4×4 vehicles, so get ready
for an offroading dream in Offroad Hill Climb Simulator!

サイズ : 40M
Android 要件 : 2.3 以上
提供元 : i6 Games
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