Elf Pets—The Elf on the Shelf The Elf on the Shelf®

Elf Pets—The Elf on the Shelf The Elf on the Shelf®

Oh no! Santa’s sleigh will not fly, but by adopting and loving
this virtual reindeer pet, you can help create the Christmas magic
that will help Santa’s sleigh lift off the ground on Christmas Eve!
Once you adopt a virtual reindeer, you can interact with it to fill
the Christmas Magic Meter™. You can also earn Elf Pets® Care
Badges™ in two ways: 1. By loving and nurturing this app’s virtual
reindeer, and 2. By caring for the real reindeer pet included in
the Elf Pets®: A Reindeer Tradition box set. Use this app to do
your part to help Santa’s sleigh fly!
The Elf Pets® Reindeer App’s VIRTUAL CARE ACTIVITIES:
• FEED—Make sure your growing reindeer has all the nutrition
it needs to be strong enough to pull Santa’s sleigh. Drag food
items to your reindeer’s mouth and watch it eat. Keep playing to
unlock more activities!
• WASH—The reindeer have been training hard, and have
gotten a little dirty. Make sure your Elf Pets® Reindeer is
sparkling clean by swiping the sponge back and forth to wash it.
Continue playing to unlock the soap and rinsing activities for even
more fun!
• LOVE—Pet your reindeer and keep playing to unlock new
ways to show your reindeer you love them!
• REST—After training hard with Santa, your reindeer needs
to rest. Turn off the lights, cover your reindeer with a blanket
and watch as your tired little reindeer rests up for another big
day. Continue playing to unlock the lullaby and alarm clock
• PLAY—The elves love a good game! Play in two different
ways: visit the reindeer stables and figure out where each stable
object goes by dragging it to the matching shape, or help the scout
elves sort the reindeer food!
• CARE BADGES™—Earn badges for continually taking care of
your Elf Pets® Reindeer, which will help it grow big and strong for
Santa’s Christmas Eve flight! Whether it’s the Beginner Feeding
Badge, or the Master Washing Badge, each and every badge adds
Christmas spirit to the Christmas Magic Meter™. You can also claim
Adopted Care Badges that represent moments you’ve experienced with
your adopted reindeer. Once the meter fills to 100%, you’ve
contributed enough to help Santa’s sleigh soar.

サイズ : 47M
Android 要件 : 2.3 以上
提供元 : The Elf on the Shelf®
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