Oblik Aleksus

Oblik Aleksus

Oblik takes the imagination to a whole new level of inspiration. A combination of perfect touch-screen play mixed with a note of simplicity and beauty.

Watch your creations come to live while collecting magical colors. Draw and it shall move onwards.

Oblik works on the notion of drawing shapes with a single line that collects all the colored circles on the screen. Avoid certain colors on the lines route to progress further. The solutions are endless and no one way is the correct way to play. The possibilities are endless. Make things complex or stick the simplicity all with a touch of elegance.

• Refined unique & magically pleasant game-play
• Inspirational beautiful touch movements
• Over 50 fantastic levels with limitless outcomes
• Complex or simple touch elegance
• Exclusively tailored to iOS devices
• Game Center Achievements

提供元 : Aleksus

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