Lady & Girl Injured Arm & Dress up Fei Su

Lady & Girl Injured Arm & Dress up Fei Su

you are, you should be able to make everything better. First you should disinfect the injured area with a cotton ball dipped in a special solution. Then take a pair of forceps and carefully collect all the little pieces that got in her injured zone. Always wipe the wound with a cotton ball and then one with disinfected on it, to clean the blood and make sure there will not be any complications. Now stitch up the wound with a needle and a thin thread and when you are done place some bandages over it and give it time to heal properly. You can remove the bandages after a week and the scar will completely disappear in five weeks time. For when that happens, you can give Barbie a makeover! Enjoy!

提供元 : Fei Su

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