Paapuu Maths Champ Alpha Crossing Sdn Bhd.

Paapuu Maths Champ Alpha Crossing Sdn Bhd.

The BEST Arithmetic challenge app on App Store. Great fun for kids and adults! Features the first-ever one-on-one split screen maths challenge on the iPad!

Paapuu Maths Champ has been designed as a fun and enjoyable way for both adults and children to increase their arithmetic speed. Learn addition, subtraction multiplication and division in a fun and user-friendly interface with cute animations and sound effects to stimulate creativity.

Challenge yourself with 3 additive play modes:

•Classic Mode: A great way to work out your brain muscles with 3 difficulty levels, testing your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.
•Time Attack Mode: Need a bit more of a challenge? Try to answer as many questions as possible within 60 seconds!
•Multiplayer Mode: Our unique first-of-it’s-kind one-on-one challenge mode pits two players in an arithmetic battle royale! Each round, players are given the same question which they will have to answer correctly to be awarded the point. The player with the most points at the end of the battle wins!

Also check out other applications in our Paapuu Educational Series of applications!

提供元 : Alpha Crossing Sdn Bhd.

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