Jump Jack Rossman Bros Games

Jump Jack Rossman Bros Games

Get ready for a retro challenge in
Jump Jack: an action platformer reminiscent of 2d side scrolling
classics. Play as Jack, the game creator’s son, as he sets out to
save his baby sister from the evil robots who have kidnapped her.
Jump, shoot, and use a number of other abilities to maneuver
through four action packed worlds and destroy any robot trash that
get in your way. Simple and straightforward controls make for
precise and strategic platforming action. This is not an endless
runner, Jump Jack’s story unfolds from an opening cutscene all the
way to an epic final boss battle. Along the way build some insanely
fun combos to earn high scores, power ups, and level achievements.
Can you destroy all the robots in each level in a single combo?
Collecting combos is way more fun than collecting coins in Jump
Jack’s combo system that is unlike any other platformer. Top it off
with unlockable nightmare levels, and multiple difficulty levels
and you’ve got yourself a classic platforming experience that will
keep you busy for hours.
Do you have what it takes to save your sister from these evil
robots? See for yourself in Jump Jack.
-A retro challenge reminiscent of platforming classics.
-Precise and straightforward touch controls that make for an action
packed, strategic platforming experience.
-Insanely fun combo system unlike any other platformer. String
together actions for high scores, level achievements, and power
-Three difficulty modes: Normal, Retro Hard, and Casual Easy
(Something for everyone).
-An epic adventure played throughout 20 levels across 4 worlds and
an intense final boss.
-Unlockable levels in “Jack’s Nightmare” for the most hardcore

Check out the live action trailer at rossmanbrosgames.com
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サイズ : 32M
Android 要件 : 3.0 以上
提供元 : Rossman Bros Games
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