WWII Warship Battle 3D Awesome Action Games

WWII Warship Battle 3D Awesome Action Games

An Epic Naval Collision was the Last
Hope for the national Security. The Military Naval Defense lines
was breached and The Enemy Invasion for the sea world domination
was the greatest risk and the security of the beautiful homeland
was at stake. A Brave Frontier taking command of the Naval Sea War
Vessels was fighting with enemy in this Global Warfare. Get ready
for the Combat X Attack by the Enemy in this Aggressive Assault
Battle of the Large Oceans
Sea Battle ships action game with missions inspired by the historic
naval clashes of World War. Embark on a mission to destroy the
Enemy Warships. Control the legendry Sea Ships and Fight for the
Dominance of the Sea. Fight for Honor! Fight for Glory! Fight for
Thrill of the world war with bombardments!
Strategize and Shoot!
Rocket Launchers and Air Strikes!

サイズ : 49M
Android 要件 : 2.3.3 以上
提供元 : Awesome Action Games
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