Zame Squadventure

Zame Squadventure

Zame is a stimulating puzzle game that challenges your mind. Tap the objects on your side to create a mirror image of the other half… before time runs out! Keep your brain nimble and at peace with this relaxing game that you can play anywhere!

Earn points to unlock wonderful themes, from the mystical depths of a cave to the beautiful clouds in the sky, and everything in between!

Train your mind to see – and embrace – the opposites of this world, while immersing yourself in this elegant and exquisitely-designed game.

How far can your mind go?

• Endless gameplay
• Very easy one-touch controls, just tap away!
• Six different game modes provide countless fun!
• Customize your experience with our beautiful themes
• Daily Challenges & Prizes
• All of your progress is saved in the cloud
• Game Center Leaderboard and Achievements
• Upcoming updates with more game modes and themes coming soon!

Zame is free to play. Some items in the game are available for purchase.

提供元 : Squadventure

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