Obama’s BankOFloat Cat Head Studios

Obama’s BankOFloat Cat Head Studios

Obama’s BankOFloat
Presented by www.LooseChangeShirts.com

The super addictive Obama’s BankOFloat! Help president Obama keep the Bank O’ Float for as long as possible by hitting it in the air with his head. No Hands Allowed. He may not be able to CHANGE the country, but he sure will be able to change your boredom into countless addictive hours of challenge. Go Obama, GO!

Dystopian volley ball metaphors have never been so fun!

• Try to get into the 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, and 10,000 Club with Facebook integration. Can you do it? YES, WE CAN!
• Post your scores to facebook and show your friends.
• Unlockable Secret Characters!
• Funny quotes from everyone’s favorite hopeless hopeful.

提供元 : Cat Head Studios

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