Gala Super Star Makeover Yiheng Liu

Gala Super Star Makeover Yiheng Liu

Girls, we have great news for you! But, you need to calm down, ok? You’re invited to the Red Carpet Gala! Sounds awesome…and real, too! What do you have to do now? Prepare yourself for a stunning appearance. How? Simply tap the Start button and find out. Once beginning to play this game, the players have to express their aestheticism to help the normal girl here – Joanna – transform into a fabulous diva. First, use shampoo & conditional to wash her blonde hair, and then, apply cleanser & other skin products for the facial care. See? Her face’s perfect now! Time to do the makeover! Freely choose suitable cosmetics (lipsticks, blushes, eye-shadows, etc.) to bring life to our beauty. Next, pick the most gorgeous dress to make Joanna shine in the glamorous event. Don’t forget to add some vital accessories (necklaces, earrings, heels, tiaras, etc.) to complete the look! Okay, let her be the highlight of the tonight show!

提供元 : Yiheng Liu

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