X-MAS Magic Puzzle gong hongmiao

X-MAS Magic Puzzle gong hongmiao

Once you start poke, you can’t stop!

The world’s most popular “X-MAS Magic Puzzle eliminate it” game shine landed!

The play rule is the simple,
– tap at least 2 neighboring bubbles with the same color
– achieve the highest score you’ve ever got.

The scoring rule is simple but hard to get.
– The more bubble you poke, the more scores you will get, while the award coins will more if you get the same score but touch less times.

– Try to clear all Bubbles with the least touch, the more bonus you will get.

Magic tools are important here! Click the magic tool to enable it, or click it again to disable it.

There is only on magic tool:Storm, it will poke 3x3bubbles and cost 2coins every time.

Useful when you try to connect as more bubbles as you can, to achieve higher score.

提供元 : gong hongmiao

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