Yahtzy b-interaktive GmbH

Yahtzy b-interaktive GmbH

Welcome to Yahtzy, an exciting dicing competition for up to 8 players!

Yahtzy is a classic dicing game which has been played for several generations.
For the modern players we are proud to present the newest version: Yahtzy available on the latest devices.

Get ready for a long lasting fun! Throw the dice to get the high score! But be warned – your competitors will also do their best.

Luck isn’t the only thing that matters in Yahtzy – this dice game rewards strategy and planning.

Devise your strategy and become a Yahtzy master!

– Universal app for iPhone and iPad
– Multiplayer fun for up to 8 players on your device
– Exciting dicing competition
– Play against your friend or artificial intelligence
– Authentic dice sensation with innovative support of motion sensor and touch screen
– Shake your device or slide a die with your finger
– Realistic sound effects

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提供元 : b-interaktive GmbH

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