I Am Sober! Cyscorpions Inc.,

I Am Sober! Cyscorpions Inc.,

You had a blast partying and drinking all night but there’s a problem, you need to walk home…drunk!

I Am Sober! is a simple but insanely addictive game! You’ll be asked to spin a slots game to determine your drunk level and have to guide the player along the street using the phone’s accelerometer and achieve the best distance possible. Be warned this game is not a walk in a park, as pedestrians and cars will make it more challenging for you to manoeuvre.

-4 Characters to choose from
-Very simple accelerometer feature: Just tilt your phone left or right to control the man.
-Engaging 3D graphics and great voice-overs.
-Develops concentration and focus.
-The controls are very simple and user friendly.
-Time killer game, perfect for whenever you’re feeling bored in a bus, train or on long road trips.

提供元 : Cyscorpions Inc.,

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