World of Craft: Survival Build Hypercraft Sarl

World of Craft: Survival Build Hypercraft Sarl

This world – a very beautiful place,
and it attracts attention with its colorful scenery. But also there
are places full of danger. The bandits and predators will wait in
the most secluded corners. Distracted for a moment – immediately
Explore the world, dig mines, collect resources, build and
strengthen your house, and do not let anyone get to you. Do
everything to survive.
– Many kinds of blocks for construction.
– Two game modes: creative, classic.
– 4 unique areas.
– Ease of creating objects.
– Survival and creative in dangerous conditions.
– Craft different items, weapons and armor.
– Game shop and daily bonuses in the form of coins.
– Special items of Herobrine mode: a pickaxe and a sword.

サイズ : 32M
Android 要件 : 2.3 以上
提供元 : Hypercraft Sarl
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