BFF Salon – Luxury Spa Hotel Beauty Inc

BFF Salon – Luxury Spa Hotel Beauty Inc

The weekend is finally here! Grab
your bags and hop in the taxi because it’s finally time for your
girl’s trip! Your BFF made reservations for a special weekend at
the hottest luxury hotel in the city, so you can have a fun girl’s
weekend full of spa treatments, good food, and cute guys. What are
you waiting for? Let’s get pampered!
In BFF Salon, a soft, relaxing spa chair is waiting for you! At
this luxury hotel, their spa features the best facials in the city
with the perfect ingredients to make your skin clean, clear, and
soft. They’ll let you choose from gorgeous, luxury makeups that
make your lips extra soft and eyes pop with color. When you’re
dolled up, check out all the beautiful dresses from your boutique
shopping and find the perfect one to make your style complete. You
and your BFF will be turning the heads of all the cute guys! Who
knows? You might find a handsome boyfriend!
Product Features:
– Easy to use controls that let you tap and swipe.
– Fun spa tools to clean up and soften the skin.
– Cute eye shadows, lipsticks, and blushes to try.
– Tons of pretty dresses to try on and wear.
– Mix and match to find the hottest look!
How to Play:
– Use interactive controls to select items.
– Clean up with the spa tools.
– Choose cute makeup to wear.
– Dress up in pretty dresses.
– Enjoy a fun vacation with your BFF!
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サイズ : 46M
Android 要件 : 4.0 以上
提供元 : Beauty Inc
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