Grand Truck Simulator Pulsar Gamesoft

Grand Truck Simulator Pulsar Gamesoft

Disclaimer: This is a beta version.
The game was not finished yet.
Recomended hardware: Quadcore – 1GB Ram
GTS is a truck sim for mobile. These are some of its
Realistic physics
Realistic fuel consume
Mods: You can make your own skins for trucks and trailers or
download from other guys
You can modify suspensions, lights (xenon), pente na turbina and
automatic brake assist (only for modern trucks)
You can damage your body truck and broke glasses
Full working truck and trailer lights
Full working truck dashboard
Real life truck sounds for engines, brakes, horns,
Different types of trailers: Chassis, chassis + trailer, 3 axle
semi, 2 axle semi, 2+1 axle semi, bitren 7 axle, etc.
Realistic sun system (Day and night)
You can hire drivers and buy deposits to park your fleet of
The map is based on some little citys from Sao Paulo – Brasil
You start with a basic truck and by getting experience will get
better trucks and jobs
And remember, this game is not finished but we are working hard
to make your dreams true 🙂
You can follow us on facebook to get the latest new about game
development or other players skins

サイズ :
Android 要件 : 3.0 以上
提供元 : Pulsar Gamesoft
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