Beneath The Lighthouse Nitrome

Beneath The Lighthouse Nitrome

“I stare at the horizon every night
before I sleep hoping to catch a glimpse of the lighthouse.The
light reminds me of Grandpa and my summer visits playing on the
cliffs. That warm life saving beacon not only saves ships, it keeps
me safe too. Grandpa’s there just across the water watching over
But the lighthouse hasn’t shone now for days and the fog is
thick! What’s happened? It’s time to visit Grandpa!”
Beneath the lighthouse is a serene puzzle action game about a
boy in search of his lost Grandpa. Your journey will take you
through mysterious mechanical wheels that lay beneath the
-This game is free to play or can be unlocked to a premium
Free to Play:
We use advertising to monetise the experience. There are no
coins/gems/booster to pay for or timers. The free version of the
game contains a lives system which is carefully balanced to be fair
but that makes the game slightly harder than premium.
Premium unlock:
We offer a single in-app-purchase to unlock the game to a
premium experience. The premium version contains no 3rd party ads
and we remove the lives system.
This game contains cross promotion for other Nitrome games and
this is not removed with the in-app-purchase for removal of

サイズ : 94M
Android 要件 : 4.0.3 以上
提供元 : Nitrome
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