Deer Hunter Sniper 3D i6Games

Deer Hunter Sniper 3D i6Games

Deer Hunter Sniper 3D is brand new,
realistic sniper shooting game. Become a skilled sniper hunter,
taking out woodland animals to be the best professional hunter.
Complete each hunter level by using your sniper rifle to shoot all
the animal targets, like deer, boar, eagles, mountain lions,
wolves, and bears.
Shooting the wrong animal in the level or running out of ammo
will make you fail the level, so be sure that you know your target
and aware of your ammo. Follow each shot with the dynamic bullet
cam and watch your skillful sniper shot hit the animal!
With a huge woodland environment, wild animal will roam around,
unaware of you waiting to make the shot at the right time. Each
sniping mission will take you to new areas of the forest and will
test your shooting skills, so get ready and become the most skilled
sniper shooter of animals in our most realistic sniper yet, Deer
Hunter Sniper 3D!

サイズ : 34M
Android 要件 : 2.3 以上
提供元 : i6 Games
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