Airplane Simulator Pilot 3D i6Games

Airplane Simulator Pilot 3D i6Games

Airplane Simulator Pilot 3D is the
latest real plane simulator developed especially for Android
We here at i6 Games have been perfecting the ultimate airplane
flight experience, to bring you the most entertaining, and detailed
flying simulation. We’re super excited to bring to you the chance
to play our new and improved airplane pilot simulator!

Experience the most realistic flight sim by controlling and flying
a small aircraft in Airplane Simulator Pilot 3D!

Our latest simulator has improved and tuned realistic aeroplane
cockpit controls, you control everything in the plane and fly
safely through thunderstorms and other issues to help get the
passengers to their destination safely and on time.
This flight simulation is filled with unique levels with real-life
scenarios(more levels to come), putting your piloting skills to the
test. Battling the elements and airplane problems during flight,
you’ll have to fly through difficult situations to get to your
destination safely in Airplane Simulator Pilot 3D!

Airplane Simulator Pilot 3D realistically simulates multiple
weather conditions, as well as day and night cycle, with clear sky,
lighting strikes, thunderstorms, gale force winds and so much
Be a successful private airline pilot, have all the thrills and
experience in the latest, greatest, new game,Airplane Simulator
Pilot 3D!

-Highly detailed realistic airplane cockpit environment. Real life
plane controls to make the experience better.
-Unique and exclusive, levels for this game (More to come!)
-Massively, detailed open world, fly over and through so many
diverse locations
-Immensely detailed planes, vehicles, and buildings
-Accelerometers used for easy play tilt controls
-Press and use all the cockpit instruments, re-created from
real-life airplanes
-Realistic lighting and sounds to make airplane and environment
more immersive experience
-Dynamic on-board cameras to capture angles of the airplane

Airplane Simulator Pilot 3D simulates real world elements:
– Weather systems: clear sky, rain, thunderstorms, snow, gale force
– Turbulence
– Day and night cycle
– Plane crashes and smokes effects
– Cockpit malfunctions
– Engine failures and immisions

サイズ : 22M
Android 要件 : 2.3 以上
提供元 : i6 Games
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