Halloween Candy Jewel: Match 3 GoVuzzle

Halloween Candy Jewel: Match 3 GoVuzzle

Get your Halloween candy and get this
party started! Spooky jewels are all over the pumpkin kingdom and
ready to reveal their skull or mask. Imagine you’re really in this
fantasy world of the witch with her costume and grave. Experience
this match 3 puzzle game like you did never do before. The fright
might be heavy and dark, but you can do it! Win this quest and win
the puzzle before a zombie comes and chases you ..

You can win this match 3 puzzle game with candy on different ways.
Use this brain teaser and win with math, or use magic boosters and
reach the maximum score ever. Achieve all stars possible, the moon
is the limit! Our halloween candy is ready to be enchanted by you.
Ask the pumpkin for help or become a haunted ghost town civilian..
that thrill will never happen! Swap the candy in the line and win
the puzzle challenge. Spooky jewels are not safe for your ultimate
skills. Don’t let the zombie go out, be the hero!

Halloween Candy Jewel: Match 3
– Many Enchanted Challenges
– Scary Sounds & Dark Theme
– Magic Boosters From The Witch
– Enjoy Spooky Jewels & Halloween Candy
– Conquer Haunted Pumpkin Levels

Are you spellbound by the enchanted gameplay? This match 3
experience is mysterious, you might never know if you’re enchanted
already. Travel through the kingdom of halloween candy and play
with the spooky jewels like no-one did before. Beat your friends if
they play this game too. You can enjoy the haunted sounds of this
ghost town and experience a real thrill puzzle game. Use your magic
boosters and make it to the end of the pumpkin kingdom!

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サイズ : 44M
Android 要件 : 2.3 以上
提供元 : Go Vuzzle
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