Super hockey ball

Super hockey ball

uxers is an awesome and simple brain
If you like to play addictive ricochet games such as balls &
bubbles, pool or air hockey – Super hockey ball is 100% for you.
How to play Puxers – free addictive game
Puxers is an easy & simple brain game where you have to hit
pucks and use ricochets to merge equal.
You can use pool tactics to reach the highest score and merge the
biggest puck.
Features list:
1. Completely native easy brain game;
2. Simple pool mechanics;
3. Addictive gameplay;
4. Realistic physics;
5. Awesome game graphics and animations;
6. Pleasant music and sounds;
7. Clear and simple UI;
8. Two leaderboards;
9. Results sharing
10. Free to play

サイズ : 8.6M
Android 要件 : 2.3 以上
提供元 :
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