Jail Breakout : Prison War apposdev

Jail Breakout : Prison War apposdev

Every Criminal/men have faced hard
time in life.
Survive in prison is very difficult for criminals.
Each ad every day you will find and treated with punish.
And there is also a love story of every criminals life.
Passing time in jail is real had time so break the jail is your
mission for survive.First breaking jail improve you mental state
planed well whats you needed to go out.
Make all activities and and dont lose your mind.Use your powers of
observation,wisdom to escape from prison.
Inside heavily and secure guarded prison no escape tools.
jail escape or prison breakout lockdown is free sentenced to death
Best addictive action also puzzle game.
Best challenging game ever.
You have only left chance to improve his Innocence.

サイズ : 40M
Android 要件 : 2.3 以上
提供元 : appos dev
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