Heckabomb Allicorn

Heckabomb Allicorn

About the game
Heckabomb is a twin-stick shooter with varied levels based in a
circular arena and a host of upgradeable stats including bullet
spread, rate of fire, turbo boosters and magnetic collectors. There
are six varied add-on weapons too, including a chain-lightning gun,
bullet-reflecting satellites and a rapid-fire swirly thing! (a
legal requirement of any arcade shooter) Loads of different of
enemies, including huge boss warships, missile batteries, tractor
beams and a deadly enemy ace pilot will challenge your arcade
reflexes and endurance.
 • Twin-stick (controller or mouse+keys)
 • Visually intense, massive explosions, huge debris clouds, trails
 • Spectacular arcade soundtrack
 • Campaign mode, Survival Mode, Hardcore Mode, AI Duel
 • Online hiscores
As featured in SHIELD Hub. Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD.
Your planet is dead
The Heckabomber is a doomsday weapon, the only thing that
survived the destruction of your home planet by the alien armada.
Loaded with devastating planet-destroying bombs, you’ll fight
across the Universe. Seek out enemy worlds to obliterate, crush
their defenders, crack their planet and harvest the remains for
construction materials to upgrade your ship and continue your
Asteroids exist throughout the Universe and are often the
leftovers of planet formation. With Heckabombs detonating across
the galaxy, asteroids are often the leftovers of planet destruction
too! Mining them for resources allows you to build new weapons,
upgrade equipment and resupply smartbombs.
Every second level you’ll race to harvest asteroids before the
blast wave reaches you from the planet you just blew up!
After charging up on ship upgrades, you’ll take on aggressive
enemy ships, crash through their defensive lines and try to get
close enough to their planet to drop a single, devastating
Heckabomb onto it.
Enemies come in various shapes and sizes from tiny fast-moving
divebombers to massive lumbering tractor-beam transports that’ll
try to pin you down for other enemies to shoot.
Every 10th level, you’ll face increasingly huge enemy Warships.
Each one carries a unique bonus upgrade that you can only get if
you choose to engage the Warship rather than steer clear of it’s
deadly weapons and fighter launch bay.
In Hardcore mode you get no continues and enemy accuracy, rate
of fire and bullet speed all increase substantially. One life only,
extra challenging fights, vie for a place on the elite hiscore
Casual mode unlocks when you complete just one level of the main
campaign. It offers a lot less challenge and a lot more salvage
loot, making for a relaxing shoot-em-up ride up through the game as
far as the first Warship encounter. Practice your moves in relative
safety, or just watch the pretty explosions.
Unlocking the bonus Survival Mode gives you a huge upgrade
budget to customize your ship just once then hurls you into an
endless battle against increasingly ferocious odds and a limitless
armada of enemy Warships.
Face the elite enemy ace pilot in the campaign and you’ll unlock
the bonus Duel Mode where you can challenge the ace alone (with his
5 elite henchmen… hey, he is a bad guy!)

サイズ : 430M
Android 要件 : 5.0 以上
提供元 : Allicorn
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